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Yahoo is among one of the best directories available as an online resource. Since 1994, Yahoo has developed from a simple hobby to a concept that grew over the next decade with full force. With a torrent of traffic and enthusiastic reception, Yahoo quickly grew into a corporation supported by the likes of Silicon Valley executives that jumped at the idea and the concept of the founders.

Yahoo is very popular search engine - Toronto Web Marketing - Toronto SEO Company

As a directory, it has over 10 years of experience and exposure in the market, as well as the benefit of the development through many stages of the evolution of the World Wide Web. In Toronto and the rest of Canada, Yahoo is run by a local company that supports the concept of the website and its resources.
As a search engine, Yahoo offers a slew of services besides simple website and search engine optimization. It is more than just a search engine or a directory listing, but rather a social, professional and personal networking site that presents members and visitors with much more than just the basic interaction site. The concept of Yahoo and what it offers the general public gives it a unique attraction, thus creating the kind of traffic a search engine SEO would need in order to provide the optimization a business is looking for. If you are in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary or Edmonton, you are bound to benefit from a search engine like Yahoo and its collective applications.
A direct link to the Yahoo Maps application provides the user with the ability to search for a business, organization or some other type of listing, while at the same time receiving a geographical location via an online map to that address as the results come up. The convenience the Yahoo’s search engine provides is similar to other engines that provide map locations, however, Yahoo’s map system is very accurate and generally up to date due to its support by Rogers Communications.

As an overall benefit, whether in Toronto or any other major city, Yahoo Optimization can provide the type of search engine results that Toronto Web Marketing can help you with. We will focus on all search engines and ensure that desirable results are provided for all criteria and options. Whether you are in Toronto or the GTA, or even if you are in a different city or a different province in Canada, give us a call and let us tell you how we can help. We will work towards making sure you are at the top of Yahoo’s list of results for your preferred criteria.