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A web directory, sometimes also known as a link directory, is a list on the World Wide Web, listing a number of domains and uniform resource locators to which your link may be subscribed. There are many listings and directories of several domains and links to which a company can subscribe to in order to list their URL.

The creation of such sites in turn has given the corporate world an added edge where they have launched web marketing campaigns, advertising and promotion, email broadcasting and other methods of reaching new audiences and target markets. Social Media has now been defined as the content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies and tools, such as Facebook and Twitter. It uses the Internet to transform broadcast media monologues, press releases, news releases and other forms of communications to broadcast desired information across the world. Toronto, Montreal and many other large city centres in Ontario are home to some of the largest companies that use this form of media.
Developing an online corporate profile is sometime aided by the use of Social Media sites, creating a broad presence over the Internet, linking a company’s website to a market that may not be targeted by conventional marketing and sales efforts. Although these types of websites and social hot spots are frequented by a younger, more technology-savvy generation, people of every ethnicity, culture, race and religion, as well as age group, education and profession also subscribe it to. Understanding that, Toronto Web Marketing can help you reach the target markets within Toronto and Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, and the vast other number of cities that you want to reach.
To maximize your Social Media Creation, we will subscribe on your behalf, set up your profile, subscribe to what you need to link to, and even create links to your corporate website directly, in an effort to increase the overall profile and online presence of your website. Let us work with you to improve your profile, create your connections, manage your social media and create the type of networking that you need overall to succeed in large cities and metropolitan areas like Toronto, Ontario and the rest of Canada.