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A press release is a written or recorded communication, generally performed in an official capacity that is directed at members of the news media, or the public, for the purpose of announcing something in a formalized and consistent manner. Press releases are sometimes known as a media release, news release or press statement.
In all cases, they serve the same purpose of documenting and communicating the information that needs to be shared across different levels of the media. In a metropolitan city such as Toronto, press release writing help provide information across other areas and regions such as Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary or any other major region.
Press Release Writing is the skillful articulation of composing such documents. Public relation is one of the fields that use press releases heavily, and they have evolved from written and hard-copy media to soft-copy and digital media over the past few years. The art of writing press releases is a skill that only a few people have honed. The skill in articulating how information can be communicated in a professional, colourful and concise manner is a skill that Apex Web Marketing has developed through its writers and developers over the years.
Toronto and other major cities in Canada have hundreds of people capable of providing such services. Pres Release Writing is a key component of our web marketing services, and we implement such services with the dedication and attention required to ensure your press releases are exactly what they need to be. As a marketing service, we strongly believe that it is an important element in effective, successful and well-rounded marketing and promotional campaigns. It can be used as a focal point to begin the advertising and promotional campaigns that kick-start a company’s efforts. Therefore, although there are many options, we are strong believers that you must select the right consultant to get the best job done.

Ontario cities such as Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton and Vaughn, among many others, are home to some of the most critical news feed and news media outlets in the country, and the rest of the world.
It is critical in ensuring that these media and news outlets receive all the information you need to release in a professional, concise and accurate manner such that they will all act and react to the information within the same time frames without delays or questions. As experts in the field, we know what the media outlets are looking for, so let us get this done for you, and get it done right.