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Business cards are among the most essential and usually the cheapest advertising tool for an enterprise. A properly-designed business card can be extremely effectual in advertising your business. Nonetheless, many business people are to some extent taken aback from the cost tag of employing a professional designer and decide to go for cheaper alternates in its place. Designing well-organized and pro-looking business cards is actually not very hard. With careful planning and a little guidance, business owners that decide to go for DIY designs come out with a business card that will make exceptional impacts among potential customers.

Making use of inexpensive looking images and clip art is one of the business cards design errors. If you are not graphically qualified, you are not supposed to make use of any of those second-rate clip art set up on the web. What are very crucial are the business name, logo, contact info, and address. If there is a need to make use of images, hire an expertise graphic designer to do the task on your behalf. Another error in use of images in business card design is the use of self picture- if you are not insurance or a real estate agent, please do not do it. What is the use of having your image on the business card anyway?
Another business cards design error is the use of insufficient colour combination. A splosh of colours is better but ensure to pick the correct colour scheme. If you are into nursery, a combination of friendly and warm colours are visually attractive but keep in mind not to exaggerate it. You for sure do not wish to affect the eligibility of the business card y having extreme use of different colours.

The other business cards design mistake is the use of big type face and capital letters. The use of large fonts and all capital letters on the address, name, and contact details are out of the question. Make use of small fonts instead to balance the rest of the qualities on the business card. Large fonts and capital letters usually look cheesy and cheap. An additional error in business card design is the use of low quality cards- at all times use top quality stock papers to imprint your business card. Send it out to the local printing shop to do the printing task for you. You are not supposed to skimp on money when producing your business cards as cheap things are always of poor quality. Again, the use of poor quality which is obviously cheap will probably mean that a business provides low quality products or services.